Press Event
Misssion SPACE
8:45 pm - 4/20/00

After hearing the news that there would be a press event tonight (4/20/00) to announce the new Mission SPACE attraction, I guess I couldn't resist the urge to head over there.

The building was NOT blown up, and according to what I've been hearing, it won't be. It will be taken apart piece by bloody piece. The rebar sticking out is supposedly there so a crane can be attached. Other people report seeing an awful lot of pyro, though. Well, it's all still rumor, but that's my take.

The event started about 8:45 - Al Weiss and the president of Compaq (I think) appeared on stage, did some cheesy dialogue (which was remarkably similar to the press releases), announced the partnership b/w Compaq and Disney, and then the new SPACE attraction. They had a giant keyboard appear, and then Mickey showed up, to be the "Mouse". Get it? Ha! Ha! Ha! Er... Nevermind.

Oh well, Mickey fiddled with the keyboard, some pyro went off (similar to the Eiffel Tower on New Years, but MUCH smaller), and then a row of flares went off along the top ridge of the building. (Similar to the ones scattered about the water in Illuminations). Then the music soared, they splattered the builiding with spots of light, projected the new logo along the front and middle overhang, and illuminated a huuuge spotlight vertically from the top of the building.

Ba da bing. Ba da boom. That's all, folks.

I'll post pics, and video, when I get a chance.