May 13, 2000








Darn. I drove 220 miles, prehaps thinking something would have been done.

Nada. Not a single change to the outside front of the building. It's been 3 weeks since the front overhang was first knocked out, and the wreckage has been unchanged. The panels and fiberglass still sway in the breeze. Every other person walking by comments on how bad it looks. Bad show, bad show, bad show. I thought that perhaps that wall was a good indication that they would finally get on with the change, but it's just a repeat of the same stuff we saw earlier. Make it look like they're doing something, put a sign that says they're doing something, then do absolutely nothing.

The back of the building looks even worse. From the backstage wall, wrapping all around the back of the building, the same type of overhang damage is clearly evident from Test Track, but a bit more extensive. A backhoe sits amid the huge piles of rubble, silent.

Now, I don't know what the holdup is. Rumors have included asbestos removal, something they found while knocking the building apart, but that seems absurd, since the effects of asbestos were known when Horizons was built.

But all rumors aside, this just looks plain terrible, as you can see for yourself. It's bad enough it's so visible from guest areas, but it's been untouched in this state for so long now. Get it over with, and put the building out of its misery!!! Please? Oh, I forgot, Disney doesn't seem to notice these things anymore. At least the folks at Guest Relations smile while they take your complaints.

But does no one care?